Sar told me about a folk jam session at Wheelers farm, so I called up my Dad who is the best folk "jammer" I know and asked if he would accompany me. He shyly agreed on one condition: He didn't want to play along with everyone else- just "watch and absorb the etiquette". I told him he would not have to play one bit just tag along with me. (even though I have played my violin a total of 4 hours in the last 3 years.) However, when my Dad gets around music he lights up like a little kid catching Santa Clause. So I snuck his guitar in the back of my car, and as we were walking into the old brown Barn I looked at him and it went something like this:

Mj: Hey Dad? .. I brought you a guitar in case you feel like changing your mind and wanna play with me tonight.

Dad: (his eyes widened and his step slowed) You did?
Mj: yeah. Its in the back of my car..

Dad: Nah Im sure these guys are real good and well.. I'm only so-so.
Mj: Oh dad you are real good at piano and guitar, you jam at our house all the time!

Dad: well.. errr. if I get the etiquette down I'll um... think about playing.
Mj: (looks away from his glazed face and smiles) Okay pops, if you feel ready I got you covered-

Upon walking in I realized that I missed a couple of memos.
1. being over the age of 73.
2. remembering to wear my spurs and cowboy hat.

(thanks sar for taking these pics on my cell phone camera)
My personal favorite was the harmonica section who had five to six harmonicas each, one in each key.

It wasn't five minutes into the old man jam sesh that my Dad started slyly tapping his foot to the whip of the ol' country tunes.
I knew this was my moment, I jumped up with my fiddle (a violin with an attitude) and joined the large circle of senior citizens, within minutes my Dad left the barn to retrieve my planted insturment.

I would say that ma Pops was one of the top 3 or 4 guitar players there, and I.. well.. I hacked out what little I knew and faked the rest. (a cheesy 21 year old smile can fix a lot of mistakes in a room full of old people.)

I hope that we become regulars.