confession: I hate flushing the toilet when I pee. I believe it saves water to let the yellow mellow. If I could save 10 gallons of water a year by me ceasing to flush then I feel like I am winning a small victory in the battle to conserve.

So why is it so awkward when my maid comes into clean my room?

You see, the turks are very very OCD with germs. They will not allow you to walk in the house with street shoes on, bed sheets are changed weekly, hands and face are washed before and after each meal.

So I am sorry sophie. It is habit now, I really will do my best to remember. Oh, and I would love to explain all of this to you girly, but the language barrier is just too thick. So I'll keep listening to you sighing in my bathroom and feel so embarrassed and bad that I have to write it out on my lil blog.