My mom wanted me to clean out all sort of boxes before I left for my adventures this summer. I went through and cherished each and every little item in those boxes, because you see.. these things were not just random junk! These were my most prized possessions when I was in the third and forth grade- I mean.. these were my old glasses with a missing lens, polly pockets, my piggy bank money counter that always felt too nice to use, Leonardo Di Caprio magazines (lil embarrassed about my Titanic fetish now a day) and my half used fozzie shampoo from the Christmas of 1996!

In the time before leaving I also chilled with my family making some really strong memories. Like skyping my Finnish relatives, attending Bees Baseball games, making art, having car troubles in Vegas, watching silent movies, witnessing johns graduation and Andys 16th birthday and smiling until my cheeks hurt.

I love this vid cause it shows the boys that ate all the food in the pantry for the last ten years moving on and growing up. A tear came to my eye as they filled their pockets with beach balls and mice to cause havoc during the ceremony.

off for my adventure.