Passing through the boarder from the West Bank to Israel is absolutely unpredictable. I went to 2 different checkpoints before I got threw and was told by many people that there would be cabs on the other side. I got to the checkpoint with my arab professors in toe. There were 2 guns pointed at us until I softened the tension with English and name dropping. "hey! Im an american tourist... yeah im american..ha ya Im just an american girl!" was the tone. The security officers made my professors leave and we said our goodbyes as I crossed the boarder. After crossing I realized that I had no phone, I couldn't see any sort of taxi.

So what does Mjay do when she is stuck?? Flip her blonde hair around, smiling and sending "save me" vibrations- Maybe say a prayer or two and hope someone sees the damsel in distress. After 5 or 6 minutes of waiting on the curb of the Israel checkpoint with no phone, a security officer of the checkpoint saw me and came to ask what was going on- His name was Roman and was so adorable! He invited me into his office and shared his lunch as we chatted about the conflict, world cup and english. We hit it off made plans to go out on the town if he got off work early. We eventually found a taxi and he got me on board and on my way to Daniels home. Daniel is my dear friend that is going to Med school in Israel next year. We met the first day I came and really clicked. We sat on his porch and enjoyed the sunset of Tel Aviv and later that night we went to visit Yaniv (who just had lasik) and the hot spot called "the port" it was the most amazing pier point I had ever seen. He is going to be one of my friends that I will always always be tight with.

Then I went to the airport around 4 am. This security was nothing like I had ever seen. Two times I had to unpack my entire bag and let them swipe everything I own. They rank you on how dangerous you are 1-6. I was proud to see that I was ranked a 5! ( I think because of my huge knee brace and mismatched hair on my passport)

I have made it to Turkey! Istanbul is BEAUTIFUL and so western. I had an arabic taste in my mouth when I would think about it, but it feels exactly like a part of Europe. My host family sits on, mounds and mounds of money and really likes to show it. I have never noticed how shy I am about being flashy. It will be an interesting experience.
This is me and Esra my 95 lbs host mom at an invite only restaurant opening. She enjoys Prada, Gucci and the mall.