Whomever thinks travelling is all glam and easy... Let me be the first to show you- it is not always the case.

Going to a third world area such as the West Bank is risky in a lot of ways, but one of the biggest thorns is food. The food is tempting, attractive and it tastes lovely. My first instict is "try it all- cultural experience!".... but many of the fruits, veggies and meats have foreign bacteria. I have been lucky enough to eat something that hasnt set well with my body and boy am I sorry. I have thrown up all day- It has made me so sick that every time I move from my bed something shoots out one end. ok ok I'll spare you the details.

So its my pleasure to introduce the hero of the day- my daddy.

He called me on skype and was so patient everytime I excused my self to kiss the toilet bowl. He gave me good doctoral advise and calmed me when the delerious tears set in. He even played me old country western songs to help me fall asleep. Thank the heavens for such a great person in my life.

Not exactly sure when Fathers Day is. But.. so i dont miss it- Happy Fathers Day Dad. I really couldn't ask for more.