I was a nanny for the spoiled daughter of a selfish Middle Eastern arms dealer in Istanbul... crazy right? It started out golden, because I have never had a little sister. So, for the first while I would enjoy the long afternoons of barbie outfit changes and make believe Miley Cyrus story lines. However after my "New Nanny appeal" wore off, the little devil daughter started to treat me like a family member. Which included public tantrums, if she did not get what she wanted. (which was usually.. attention, turkish twinkies, piggy back rides, Magnum ice cream bars and to constantly watch TV) Many days while crawling on all fours as her "horse", hushing during the tantrums, dancing in a pink princess dress or getting my hair pulled out in her salon, I would ask myself "Mj, why the hell are you here?"
It took a lot of wondering to understand what that selfish family was supposed to teach me...
But ladies and gents, I have figured out the reason!!

His name is Memo Okur and he is a Turkish player on the Utah Jazz.
Memo LOVES to come to the restaurant that I work at, and usually brings his Turkish model wife and family. Because of the time I spent in Turkey, I picked up a few sayings, and when Memo comes in, I greet him and seat him with my limited Turkish knowledge.

His whole family gets a kick out of it, and has even started to ask where I am when coming into the restaurant. "Where is blonde Turkish speaking girl??" they will ask.

Dont you worry Memo. Im right here.