My band now has a facebook page.
check out new music,
and stay up to date on shows.

Elyse Winn- guitar, vocals
Megan Monroe- guitar, vocals
Megan Merkley - Violin, vocals
Kara Kartchner - Bass, keyboard, vocals


Oh, and I loved my horoscope today.
Virgo Apr 15 2011
If there's some event or secret from your past that you cannot move beyond, it's time to deal with it let it go once and for all. Something is holding you back from contentment and joy. Most likely it is something that you dealt with years ago or months ago, but have not put to rest. You may feel guilt about it, or even a sense of failure, and it is now affecting your capacity for happiness - even though you may not be making that connection. If there is something on your mind and you can't reconcile yourself with it, you have already paid the price emotionally. Let it go, and move on.

Go team break.
young money.