My best friend, and older sister had a crazy two weeks. Consisting of finals, moving, a bachlorette party and a wedding. To show my love I flew out to Ann Arbor Michigan to celebrate with her.

So to give you a vague quick and dirty, it went something like this:
This place was absolutely amazing. Downtown Detroit is a trip and something I would recommend everyone to see. Im sure I will give more deets another day, but this post is about my sister and her big week

To start off the night of the bachlorette party,
we went to a pole dancing class
Kates social work friends from Michigan Grad School.

Delish dinner and gifts,
then a drag show..

Being my first one, I really didn't now how to handle the entire thing.
Her name was Madam Misty and cropped up in my dreams for days afterwards. yikes..

Once I got my dance on, I was fine.
Kate is a pro rug cutter.

Then we came back to Utah and spent time with the family before the big day.

When the day finally came, everyone tingled with excitement.
Kate looked like a greek godess and the greenhouse wedding was incredible.

So my dearest kate, just remember that I love you-
and congrats on snagging a good one.