First Day of Escuela

So, its been a whirlwind type of month. I have packed all of my things out of my lovely home in SLC and moved to Madrid. 

The first week was really rough. I missed my friends, family and band so so much (still do). I had no idea how the transportation worked, or what the heck I was supposed to do in any situation. But the second week is proof that if you just fake it til you make it, you will figure it out. I made a few friends and the social aspect of the Spanish culture began to grow. IT IS AMAZING. 

I was accepted into the official language school in Madrid City Center. It is really old, and hard to get into because of its acclaimed name. Today is my first day, and I feel so nervous! The classes are taught in SPANISH ONLY and I have realized upon coming to a Spanish speaking country that I dont know much at all. heh heh.

Wish me luck!