This week was really full of new adventures. I went to the old city of Toledo on a night tour. It is an ancient city just 40 minutes south of the city center of Madrid. This small town has an amazing Christian, Jewish and Muslim ruins.  It was also really important to the Visigoths and has many underground baths and wells that are still in great condition. Seeing the city at night was beautiful and something that I would recommend everyone to do. The tour guide spoke in Spanish, so I think I understood less than half of what he was saying. But the half that I understood was really interesting.

This week was "Spain Day" and the country celebrates the Columbus finding the new world of the americas. Typically you go to the Parade in the city center in the morning and have a feast around 4 o'clock. It was delicious and a great day.

Here is a tune I have been diggin since living out here.