Sometimes I feel like my blog is a snotty 6 year old begging me to give it a cherry popsicle. It wimpers and whines for attention on the checkered floor of the kitchen. I grow afraid of it, as it starts snarling out of neglect,  eager to get updates and some lovin from my life. After months and months of skimming the top- I am here to say...Okay. Okay. Baby, here is your Popsicle.

Today I am in Spain. Eating Paella, French bread and Spanish tortilla. The weather is getting colder, and my Spanish is getting warm. The color is navy blue. I have realized my addictions to the internet this week, as my internet connection has been down for a solid 13 days and counting. I sneak to the neighbors house and crouch on a small log, below their window to steal their sketchy internet service. Spanish internet companies claim conflicts to be solved quickly and efficiently. Day after day they have not shown up, and strangely instead of haboring rage for the Spanish slow ways I am starting to swallow it whole. Not sure if I like the taste, but when there is nothing else you can do- why stress? The tempo is 4/4 and my foot is tapping to my own rhythm.

Last night I had a concert with my band. It went well, erm.. mostly. I feel like playing the violin is similar to blinking my eyes, effortless and natural. However, playing the keyboard on beat, in front of a big Spanish crowd is similar to dancing ballet in ski boots. At the end of the night I was happy to have the first one out of the way- Lip syncing Spanish is in.. way in.

My highlights of this week are:
Getting mail from my sisters. Sitting on the grimey floor of the metro with my close friends to purely catch up. Learning the phrase "ese tendria que ser yo" while having a heart to heart with a twelve year old. Discovering who really counts. Talking fashion with a role model.  Taking footage. Eating homemade bizcocho. Dancing with another American who can drop it like its hot. Getting directions in another language and understanding them. Finding a vintage shop in Madrid. The blue December skies.

I am becoming so aware of myself while living abroad. I feel so lucky to be living this dream.