This week I have a my Spanish exams for my language classes here in Madrid. I think learning a language is like gaining weight. You look at yourself in the mirror everyday and dont notice the small changes in size. Until your painfully honest friend comes to visit for the first time in six months, then gasps "dang girl been eating for two lately?" then you grab your sides and squeamishly respond  "erm.. didnt notice I was gaining" (awkward elephant)

This look in the mirror and unaware concept is the same for me with Spanish. I have absolutely no knowledge about my level in this language. While there are some days I think Im growing and feel super fly- the progress is hard to measure. I still have the days that I mix up the word fresa (strawberry) and frase (sentence) and end up proudly stating to my Spanish friends "Hey guys, I dont understand this strawberry" while pointing at my textbook.

Meh Meh Meh. I guess I will prepare for the worst case scenario with my exams, study hard and hope I pass the class. What more can I do? 

It is still sunny in Madrid a jacket and leggings type of weather. Everyday I fall harder for this place, there is a magic feel to living here.
Im blessed to have this life.