So, this week has been one of those "ahhhh" weeks. It has literally swept me into so much change that I keep stopping to scratch my head and ask where I am at.

Last week I moved to the Old Madrid City Center. I am currently a street away from Plaza Mayor which historically has been the grounds for bullfights, soccer games, public executions and various markets. This square rings with charm with all the quaint cafes and old shops around the perimeter. I am also very close to Plaza San Miguel which is the oldest iron structure preserved in Madrid. With its delicious food, high ceilings and glass walls, it is one of the cities best locations for nights out. It really feels like a dream every time I look out my window.

Also, in news I have 3 new roommies from around the globe. We are all in our twenties and are living the poor glamourous student life. Coming into this piso,  I moved in with my friend Cam from  Austin Texas. She is great, a runner, fashion enthusiast, art major at University of Texas and musician. I really really like living with her, which is fortunate as we are sharing a room.

I also started working with a NGO called, Helsinki Espana. It is a group that teaches Human Rights in high schools throughout Madrid. I have recently been through hours and hours of training and will begin to give my classes in March. I am nervous because the classes are in Spanish and I don't speak very well. In fact, its going to take a lot of courage to man up and teach to high schoolers. Baptism by fire? yes mam.

And last in my update, I started a new job teaching private English classes to a family. Its perfect and much better than the Au Pair position I was in before. The children are the most well behaved kids I have ever met. They have the most adorable smiles and dont scream or shout at anything. I really love them. Also, I am working with their maid as she does the cooking and cleaning. Its perfect because she doesn't speak english and I am practicing Spanish with her. Sometimes she looks at me, starts laughing and tells me she doesn't understand. I, Megan, am being humbled to a new level.

For one week I feel like all of the changes shot out of the cannon at once.
Its busy, but good.

Here is a song that I really have been diggin this week, my friend Jenn introduced my to this band and they are super cool;