Most exciting part.

This weekend I travelled to Valencia to see Las Falles, a famous Spanish fire tradition and party.

We rode a four hour bus there.
Enjoyed the sunset at the beach with friends.
Saw the beautiful parade.
fireworks. fires. firecrackers.
This was set on fire Sunday.

But to be honest... the most exciting thing of the whole trip was a bit different than expected. It wasn't the blazing flames, or the cultural parade. It happened while I was making the to do list before leaving for the trip. I was writing out everything we needed to buy and when writing sandwich meat, I spelt it "jam" instead of "ham". 

Now, I know what your thinking.. "Cool mj your dyslexic, so what" But it was the first time that I spelled something in Spanish without noticing I was making the error. I realized it quickly afterwards and was so excited I put hearts around it and took a picture.

Im still on the grind. Learning languages takes so much work.