Real Madrid-Bayern Múnich

Its champions league in Europe and I think I might have a bit more Madrid pride than I thought. Everyone was getting so ready to watch the game, there were special dinners, and all sorts of events.
My students were dressed up in full attire, ready to watch.

As we all know in sports, it theoretically never should come down to the last play. They should work hard enough from minute one that the outcome will be in their favor at the end. In this game, I felt like they did. Cristino Ronaldo scored twice in the first 14 minutes and the game was off to a great start. 

 I missed the middle of the game while I was commuting home from work, and am not completely sure what happened after that. By the way, the commute home was spooky, there was nobody in the streets and all of the bars had people pushing to get in and see a glimpse of the game.

I was able to catch the last part of penalties. Which looked like this:

Poor Sergio Ramos. 

These are posted everywhere on Facebook today.. Its always the last play people will stick with and remember.