Things that are weird to me:

Mexican Spanish, its the same but SO different.
Coffee culture in the US is more rushed and routine.
There is no 2 or 3 hour lunch break.
The size of the grocery stores, and realizing how much they really have inside them.
The amounts of American flags that are flying everywhere.
Eating dinner before 10 pm.
Not walking.
Being in a car.
Having peanut butter in my life.
Lack of outdoor casual Terraces and evening relaxing.
Yogurt and omelets are not a dinner food, but a breakfast food.
Seeing a Walmart. 
Eating on the run and not making it a formal sit down affair.
The salad dressing selection! 
Not thinking about what metro line to take.
The size of cars and trucks.
Nobody goes outside at night to socialize on a Tuesday night.

I think about Spain and how I can make a plan to get back there everyday.