I feel so lucky to have been able to travel to Morocco this week with my boyfriend. Flying into Marrakech is an experience worth having! It is instantly chaotic and alarming. From every angle there is someone asking you for money and tapping you on the shoulder for tips. I can't really explain the feeling, but it the most exhilarating experience to get yourself into. 
With interesting markets, wild smells and colorful fabrics Marrakech captured my attention with a sort of command that really reminds me why I like to travel. You get to see real people interacting in a way that feels so foreign and beautiful.

Let me just say, travelling in hot temperatures really speeds up the "getting to know you" process. He was a champ to travel with.
We accidentally took a local bus without airconditioning in 109 degree weather. heh. Win some and lose some.
Im a tourist. Yeah yeah.. I know.

The Euro goes far there, and I was able to get incredible deals on fancy hotels. You pay the same for a 4 star hotel here, as you would a grubby hostel in Paris.

We ate really good food, and risked eating from the street vendors.

We drank freshly squeezed juices.

Visited all sorts of shops.
This was the "cosmetic" counter. Each of these powders does something for your face or your body. 

Met some interesting animals.

And found peace in the chaos.

What a wonderful place! I am hoping to get back there again real soon.