This week I worked at the Outdoor Retailer Show. This is the biggest outdoor retail trade show in the country and has EVERYONE who is anyone in the outdoor world attending. I saw many brands for paddle boards, snowboarding, kayaking, running apparel, and so many more. The show has really out grown small little SLC. There was a shortage of rental cars and a lot of problems for people to get hotel room because of the overflow of people that fly in from the show. I was able to meet people from USA, Chile, Czech Republic, Singapore, China and really all over the world.

If I were to give a "best in show" prize to this trade show, it would be to this company ----> Forsake

This company has a lot of potential and I think a really great product.  Urban shoes, that are easy to hike and be outside in. They are waterproof and very good looking. The guys that started the company are young and very passionate, tt will be exciting to see where they go in the future and watch their success unfold.