So, what happens when you take more than 18 credits of school? You completely disappear and pray for Christmas to come as fast as you can. I am adjusting living in the Beehive state and combed many a job search websites. Getting my Yoga teacher certification and practicing daily. The Yoga Sutras are very beautiful writings and I am very excited to be able to able to read them so deeply.

I've been hiking a lot.

Made my room more "me"

Hung with really good homies.

and hiked, hiked, hiked.

Lately I have really had to keep my mental focus sharp and not get sidetracked with my daydreams of my personal big plans. The only thing that I am guaranteed is this very moment. Therefore I should really live as present as possible.

I listen to songs like these, and sing the lyrics to my dreams. 
One step and a time, and I will be there soon. 

I'll get by
As long as I have you
Oh there'be rain
And darkness too
I'll not complain
I'll live with you
May come to me that's true
But what care I
I'll get by
As long as I have you