The big apple.

You know those friends that have seen you through your most awkward stages? The ones that still loved you regardless of your buck teeth, gender bending fashion or terrible haircuts?? 
Well, Michelle is that friend for me. 

Last week I was lucky enough to score a week with her trotting around the streets of New York City.

We went to the MET and saw AMAZING work by Klimt, Degas, Van Gogh and other famous artists.

Of course, we have secret rituals. 
I think this comes with the territory of being friends with someone for as long as elementary school. 

There were oh so many middle school slumber parties that we would stay up late chatting on the trampoline, creating time capsules or inventing traditions that we were going to open or do when we were older.
I guess, nothing changes.

Being two blondes in a big metropolitan, we had our far share of perks. Meals on the house and free desserts were much appreciated on our student budgets. 

We made friends with many colorful people along the way.

We really enjoyed barbieland in Times Square. 
*gasp* It's Spanish barbie!!!

And what is a better activity for two gangsta Mormon girls to do in a chaotic city, than to go to a play about Mormons?

*(Gangsta purely because of these photos)*

We decided the trip was fate when we noticed our names were hung next to each others on the tacky New York keychains in the tourist trap shops.

Good clean fun. 
Hopefully this will become an annual getaway.