My favorite Dutch family!

I jumped on a plane a few weeks ago and came out to visit my favorite Dutch family. YAY!


They are always very hospitable and friendly when I come, making typical Dutch meals and a fuss over my every need. Ans (Leon's Mom) owns health foods and vitamin shops throughout Holland. She saw that I had dry skin and within minutes quickly took off to the natural food store. She came back with 5 bottles of vitamins and creams that I need to rub all over my body. In her adorable Dutch accent explaining that this one is for morning and night, and to take nine of these before bed. Only nine pills that taste like chalk! 
She is a total babe. 

It's always fun to be around their family.

Leon and Tom

We had a nice visit in Amsterdam, it is one of my favorite European cities- something charming about beautiful people on bikes crusin' around that just makes me smile.. 
I got to ride "Dutch" (which is the back seat of the bike) for my first time this trip. I felt so giddy as we weaved in and out of traffic throughout the day, visiting friends and seeing the sites.

These are my favorite Dutch cookies called Stroopwafels. They are two layers of thin baked batter with a carmel filling in the middle. I could pound a whole pack if I am not paying attention.

In fact, I hit half pack within the first hour of buying them. I have to get rid of the chalk taste okay??

Sugar high smile..mmmm Amsterdam..

All for now.