Dig a little deeper.

Things are getting so busy! Work is rad, and there are so many new projects coming up. This week for the Refugee Services, I am in charge of writing scripts for videos that explain different parts of the refugee resettlement process.  More on that to come.. I will post them when they are done. It's going to be great.

Hmm... Let's see here. What is new? I went to a Lakers vs. Rockets game. I have a huge crush on James Harden. I'm such a sucker for beards.

I also attended some fashion shows for Houston Fashion week. My favorite collection that I was able to see was Haute Hippie. I got to meet the designer and really dig the well-travelled, earthy, chic look.

Terrible photo quality from my phone! Lo siento, eh?

And my song of the day...

There ain't no contract
And I go when I choose to leave