Oh sisters... They are simply the best.

My older sister Kate has been my best friend since.. literally I was born. 
Proof below.

She used to give me bread just incase my Mom didn't feed me enough milk. 
A concerned and devote guard of baby Meg.

I have been told by my friends that I tend to "gush" when talking about her. 
But like, she is rad alright? 
Let me be a smitten lil' sista kitten.

Last week I was lucky enough to have her come visit me in New York for a whole week!

It was nice to have a buddy to shop with an my tiny Dominican corner store.

Someone to go running through Prospect Park with.

And most of all..
over art.

We literally had several art attacks while waltzing from museum to museum.

It was so nice to be around a sweet familiar face in a city that is currently full of strangers and smelly garbage bags lining the sidewalks.

 Thanks for coming Kate! 
It was so fun.

Until next time!