Sista Sista come see the Vista

For my sister's birthday her husband bought her a plane ticket to the US without screaming children. 

I mean, her kids are well behaved and adorbs but every Mom needs a breather.


So her first stop was Brooklyn.

We visited art museums, coffee shops, corner store bodegas, Hassidic Jewish neighborhoods and lots of things in between.

It was fun to see her hit the town sans stroller.

One place I will plug is Carnegie Deli, aka a vegetarians worst nightmare.

They give you pickles.

And then somewhere amongst the copious amounts of pastrami and ruben there are two tiny slices of bread- Which makes it a sandwich.. or something..

Just look at that war face.

The weather was sunny, cool and perfect for a visitor. It was so much fun to show her my hood and typical NY routine. 

As I am in the middle of a move from South Brooklyn to North Brooklyn she was a saint and helped me lug a new bed across three boroughs to my new place in Williamsburg. 

I never realize how homesick I am until I have a close friend or family member take off for home. 
Thanks for coming Miss!