I spent some days in Tel Aviv. We went to the market that sold fresh food and clothes, and then an local art market. Everything was very beautifully made and really interesting to see how they incorporate the conflict in their art. Jews remind me a bit of Texans. Then we spent the day at the beach and walking through different streets that had the gay pride festivals going on. It was quite a surprise to see that the San Fran mentality has reached Israel. The beach has really fine sand, finer than powdered sugar and really white in color. I LOVE the Mediterranean Sea-

I'm letting my hair go wild all summer! murrr.. natural- These are my Israeli friends that have really taken care of me and taught me crucial words in Hebrew: Lo=no Ken=yes Sababa= its chill/ok

Old men want pictures with me, wherever we go. Americans are really adored.

There is SO much graffitti in Tel Aviv, its fun cause I ask Yaniv to translate EVERYTHING. My favorite lil Hassidic scene. The kids are as devote as the men.

How is that for dreads?
Balding on top, dreads the rest of the way down..

They pay artist to cover graffiti with art. Off to the bank...