This is my life at the moment.

Karen from the South of London England. We share the same neighborhood, class at school, fashion interests, and month of birth. Meaning we are both Virgos (i know i know, horoscopes are probably all made up, but its fun to believe at times. Without the Easter Bunny, Santa Clause and Tooth Fairy horoscopes have taken the new roll of allure.)
This is Ines. Yes. She is indeed a diva and is really adorable when behaving well. She has the best manners of the family and loves to teach me Spanish words. (which naturally makes her my favorite.) 

This is Luisete. He is obsessed with the Real Madrid futbol team and when forced into saying please and thank you can be quite cute.

This is Rosa and Luis. They are my bosses and really nice to work with.

The other two teenagers are "way to cool" to be photographed. Teenagers are funny, and really make the family dynamic interesting everyday. 

Highlights of my week: 
Had a job interview with a private english speaking academy.
Went to a Super China. (which is basically the name of any store owned by Chinese people that sells absolutely everything- blog about it soon to come)
Learned a bunch of new Spanish words.
Ate Churros.
Carved a pumpkin.
Worked on my killer Halloween costume. 
Im SO EXCITED to wear it.