International Halloween

 This Holiday is very much an American Holiday- But it is leaking through to other parts of the world, and fortunately I found myself getting into the spooky spirit.

So this is what I did to celebrate...
Kicked it with my best mate.

Carved Pumpkins.

Baked Witch and Devil fingers with these charming ladies.
They turned out quite well, 100% stole the idea from my Dad.  He always makes the best Halloween treats.
It can be really hard to come together as an international community and always understand what the heck is going on. Many days I have to stop the conversation and while scratching my head say..."um.. I dont understand what you are talking about".

 For example, let me share with you a conversation I had this week when being invited by my friend Luke from England........

I mean.. We speak the SAME language and still have no clue. heh heh. 
(But let me just say, it makes no sense to call a costume party a fancy dress party- I would have come in my prom best.)
American English; 1 British English; 0

So, for this "fancy dress" party I dressed up as Frida Kahlo a famous Mexican artist. 
(with a gnarly uni-brow)


It was a great holiday celebration. I missed everyone from back home so much!! But was happy to celebrate one of the greatest USA holidays from over the pond.