So let me introduce you to a lil Spanish treat.

 These lil guys can possibly give you heart attack after the forth bite, but if you meet someone that has lived to tell about the taste they may tell you they are one of Spanish best sweets. 

These are the Spanish Churros. They are like the Spanish doughnut, deep fried and smothered in sugar.
There are two types: 
Porra, which is the thick one common in Southern Spain
Churros, which is long thin and sometimes knotted

They have entire "chocolaterias" dedicated to these bad boys, and this is one of the most famous ones in the City Center called San Gines. It is fancy inside with marble floors, golden light fixtures and dramatic floor length mirrors.
It is ALWAYS packed with people no matter what time of day you go. 

To make them even healthier, they are served with a cup full of creamy milk chocolate.

 And there you have it- proof that Americans are not the only ones who eat unhealthy once in a while.