I have a deep love for Mr. Potter.

You might say that Im obsessed? I was the girl who cried at the end of the last book, not just because it was so good.. but because I was going to miss him so much when I didn't have another Harry book to start. Really, these books came out when I was in the sixth grade and I am nearly ready to graduate University.
 I watched these characters grow up, and I will always be a devoted fan.
At this premiere I got Harry Potter Look a likes digitz. He is pretty cute eh?

Another Harry Premiere. We went dark. muuhaha.

So when people try to tell me that the new Twilight series about sparkly vampires is better..? I contemplate their worth in my life. I mean.. do I really need this friend?
There is just no way that a pregnant human/vampire could beat the adventures at Hogwarts.

Last week the latest twilight movie came out.  Keep in mind I live with a pre teen who loves: Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars and Edward Cullen. It is that awkward age that your not really sure how to deal with all these boys the media is throwing at you. So you choose to obsess over them and draw pictures of you getting married and posting them above your bed. I mean, for a solid 2 years I addressed myself as Megan DiCaprio. (thanks Titanic..)

 While I understand there hormonal unbalance, I still cannot agree that Twilight is anywhere near Harry Potter. And while a group of twelve year olds started debating with me me how much better Bella is than Hermione Granger.. I could honestly think of one thing. 

this video.