The Spanish are crazy about soccer. Excuse me.. futbol. 
In fact, for a big game like Real Madrid vs. Barcelona I would say that the city goes on pause. Local bars are packed with crowds, but few things stay open other than that.

A few days ago I went to watch the game and really couldn't believe the intensity of the fans. The metro was full of people draped in the flags of their team, faces painted, and a definite feeling of eagerness was in the air. 
There were all sorts of songs, chants and weird traditions that people were doing most of the day. My boss baked a certain meal that they traditionally eat with their friends for these games and everyone was buzzing about where they were going to go to watch it. 

Meet Euro-Kobe

Now you see, Real Madrid reminds me a bit of LA Lakers. A European, short shorts and sporty mullet type of Lakers but the arrogant vibe is blazing. They have the All Star (Ronaldo), the money, and the obnoxious fans who can't stop talking about themselves. 

oh Kobe...your too good to hate. But I try.

So, its obvious that I couldn't cheer for the team that brought any Laker taste into my mouth. I took my life into my own hands here in Madrid, and decided to cheer for Barcelona. Of course I had to keep to myself a bit because I could have gotten curbed for cheering at the "wrong" time. 

However I was super stoked when the outcome of the game was, Barcelona 3 Real Madrid 1