And I wear my boots of Spanish leather
Oh while I'm tightening my crown.
I'll disappear in some flamenco
Perhaps I'll reach the other side.

Why are you stamping my illusion?
Just cause I stole some eagle's wings
Because you named me as your lover
Well, I thought I could be anything.

Well if you could reinvent my name, 
well if you could redirect my day, 
I wanna be the King of Spain.

This song is older, but hits the money for my mood today. Its Semana Santa, which tastes like Spring Break for Catholics. 
Many of my friends are going all over the world, different enchanting cities in Portugal, Germany, Croatia- I however wanted to travel north and see what Bilbao has to offer. The Basque Country is said to be incredible and I love going to places that have political ideals that differ from the main stream. 
I will be travelling with my friend Olga, who doesn't speak a word of english. Which makes me all kinds of giddy, because it means I will be practicing all week.