First part of Backpacking

For three weeks this month I am travelling around Europe with my little brother and some friends from the States.

This is the group.

We met up in Munich, where we caught the last part of the spring version of the Oktober fest.
We toured Marien Platz and the Beer Halls that are popular in Munich.

A woman playing "spoons" at the Beer Hall
 We then stopped in Austria, Budapest and Croatia. The only pictures I have access to right now are the ones that we taken on my cell phone. There will most likely be better ones to come.

It has been a learning experience for everyone, getting lost, not knowing exactly where to do or how to get around. All and all it has been a really good time so far.

Lil brosky

 These pictures in Croatia are primetime blackmail propaganda.

Off to explore a bit more. There isn't a set plan, but I think Italy, France and of course my favorite Spain should be on the list.