They claim that the "love locks" of Europe started here.
Even though people say graffiti ruins things, i think it can add as well.

Momma sent American candy over to Europe with my lil brother. First Skittles in 9 months.

Hungarian Art History Museo

Dreamy to be so far east in Europe.

We got a kick a@@ hostel. I mean, in was new and nicely furnished with CARPET. I havent stepped on carpet since moving to Madrid. I mean, people have rugs, but carpet is not something that people have in their apartments or homes. 

The boys were so funny when buying groceries. We would wander the foreign isles and just hope we were getting what they showed on the picture of the box.

We took a really nice tour of the city that explained all of the changes that took place before and after the iron curtain. It was real nice. And.. well.. kinda long. So we all voted and snuck off early. 

yeah. yep. yeah.