Having visitors at my house.

Cam and I have been lucky enough to host these three Utah babes. Highlights have included:
Well cooked dinners by the BOYS
Waking up to rap in the morning
Going clubbing until 6 in the morning Spanish style
Watching my little brother see the country that I love so much

eating churros and chocolate twice in three days.

They eat five things: Milka Chocolate Bars, Kebabs, Pizza, Ice Cream and Parfaits

But look at those manners! Well done Mamma.

After a month of eating Kebabs, pizza and Ice Cream.. Im dragging my feet about jumping on the Churro Wagon.
But they are so good I can't help one or two.

Andy even caught on to the system and brought Cinnamon from my house to sprinkle on top.
Entitled: gimme more

I can't complain, they are great guests. Always helping with dishes and making dinner for when I come home from work. Well done to the moms of these boys.