come on spain

Tonight Spain is playing Portugal in the euro cup. As in right now. right. this. minute. The streets are bare and the only time you know that there are other people alive in the entire city is when there is a bad call, or close to goal- when the entire building erupts with screams and roars. I feel like a fly on the wall as I sit in the corner eating my apple watching a group of guys with different nationalities and cultures act THE EXACT SAME WAY. They all have a beer in one hand, junk food in the other, they all have their shirts off from the lack of air conditioning  (it was 103 degrees today) As they all explode at the same time yelling and grunting, I catch bits of Spanish, French and Dutch. Quite intimidating the Euro boys and their futbol time. Scream, complain, hit, spit, punch, drink, cheer, laugh, explode.

nibble nibble. with my apple and estrogen.