Well well well, if you haven't heard- Eurocup championship was last night and Spain won 4 to 0 against Italy.

This tune is the tune that I fell asleep hearing.

and now my friends on facebook are spewing with videos like this one!

(I think I have a serious crush on every single player on this team)

some of them were just well... interesting? (and creepy unless you are into cats)

this was at the bar I was at..

Tonight there is a huge celebration in the center where the entire team will drive a bus through the city and stand on a stage thanking the fans. I have to admit, I have been baptized by fire with the futbol madness and will most likely never phase out of it. What a rush watching the team you have been cheering for win the Eurocup! Especially by 4 to 0!!!! I am so proud of them and so happy to be a part of the action. VIVA ESPANA!!!

ps.. i never wanna come back.