mom and dad!

Mommy and Daddy came to visit me! 

  I think I scared them a bit because they got off the plane and with in four hours we were watching bulls get killed en Las Ventas Madrid.

aren't they just adorable?
Just wild animals.

We toured the city and I whisked them around from Museum to Museum.

Then I took them to a few small cities north of Madrid. We saw the grave of the fallen, and then drove to the city of Segovia to see the Roman aqueducts.

They were taking pictures of things, and I was taking pictures of them.

I will never be too old to hold their hands, I am the biggest daddys/mammas girl.

Then we went to a Flamenco show and later went to the Opera.

It was such a treat to have them here.

 I came to Madrid and was intimidated by the city, metro, people. I didn't know anyone or have any sort of grip on how anything worked. After being here for this time, I have grown into the lifestyle and have made my small mark here.
 I think that was why it felt so  satisfying to show them what I it is that I do here. Watching their faces react to the things that I have grown so used to let me enjoy Madrid through new eyes.

Ole! Vamos a quedar otra vez.