When you move to a new city, you never REALLY know what you are going to get yourself into. It is a bit stressful, but very exciting. Every turn there is something that you have never seen before, a building that looks important or a park that looks so nice to read in for a few hours. 

I am now in warm sunny Austin Texas, which is a very weird place. 
I mean that in the most adoring way possible, but there are shops that are popular here that might not be possible in any other part of the country. Shops that sell French wine, nothing else but wine from a certain providence of the world. Or a shop that just sells cheese with all of the unique textures and smells. The culture here does not really like the big box type of stores like Walmart, Target or Ross. I mean.. they are here and you can find them. But in the city it is much more about supporting your local cheese shop than scoring that cheap deal at Walmart. They love "thrifting" used as a verb to explain the hunt for cool clothes at secondhand stores. They like small toy stores and candy shops. They love live music and pride themselves on being the live music capital of the country. It is so nice to be somewhere that the people appreciate music and art. 

This week I found a place to live, a car to drive and had a job interview and a really cool art gallery. With time and patience I think I will find myself having a lot of fun here.