Town Lake

Seeing no mountains as I looked around Austin, I started to feel a little bit strange. Like I was missing something very basic that I have always had while living in America. I wanted to find a place that I could escape and yesterday my hunger for the outdoors was satisfied. 

Yesterday I found my first solution to that problem.
Town Lake (Part of the Colorado River) was created by the Longhorn Dam in the 70's for flood security, and was a dirty trash filled river that ran through the city for a longtime. Until this Southern bell decided to change that.

Can't you just hear her accent?

This big haired beauty is an Austin local,  Mrs. Lady Bird Johnson the wife of Lyndon B Johnson.
She partnered with The Town Lake Beautification Committee and worked hard at transforming the eyesore into a fun recreational area for the city. When she died in 2007 the name was changed from Town Lake to Lady Bird Lake.

Now people run on the trails along the banks, have pinics under the trees play in the water on kayaks and row boats. It was so nice to see the fish jump and the birds soar over the water looking for food. 
mmmm nature..
I was a happy panda.