A few weeks ago I went to EAST, a self-guided gallery tour that exhibits the talent and creativity happening in Austin, Texas. The show runs for two consecutive weekends, showcasing over one hundred creators and their work. 

While waltzing through the streets the energy is very creative and inviting, there are galleries on nearly every block. Maybe it's just the southern hospitality, but I did not feel intimidated to enter or speak to anyone. You are invited to chat with each artist about their exhibit, while they handout wine, cookies, coffee etc as you browse. 

I asked SO many questions about the different approaches to their pieces. And by the end, was taking notes.
Ricky Jaen, in studio

This is a bad map, but literally every yellow dot was a different gallery or art studio that was available to visit. It was like a gallery stroll on Olympic steroids.

Everyone has such diversity in their skill set that I really stirred something inside of me. Cheesy sounding? Yes. But I have been eagerly drawing and painting everyday since attending. 

My fashionable bestie and her Freepeople earmuffs. So cute!

I was so mesmerized through the entire experience, that I didn't get as many photos as I would have liked to take- murrr. Next time!

One of my favorite artists I discovered was a guy named Foster Talge who uses recycled steel and metals to replicated nature. This is one of his trees on the east side of Austin.  

It was an exciting time to be in Austin and I look forward to going again next year.