The move


What a year 2014 is kicking off to be! So lovely. Well, for starters I am
officially in NYC. The move was quick! I had about a month to plan what to pack, where to live and how to get started.

Saying goodbye to these Texas gems was not easy. 
Like, a bawlfest. I never thought I would say it, but I love Texas.
I met such quality folk while living there, and have plans of living in Austin again.

Moving to New York was a big move because I felt so comfortable in Texas, but you know me- I just had to go for it to see what could happen. 
When arriving at the airport, I had several "what the heck am I doing here moments" but just had to keep reminding myself that it was just like any other city. Good and bad are everywhere.

Luckily my first night in, my Brother in Law was in town. He took me to dinner and gave me all sorts of sound advice. So great to see you J!

It's been really fun because already I have had friends come visit from all over the world.
I think I am going to see my friends abroad a bit more than I did in Texas.

Work has been good so far.
 I'm still drowning in all the new things to learn- heh.. I think it will
take a bit of time to be caught up.

I got a nice lil' place in Brooklyn, with hardwood floors, open windows and a big park nearby.
This is the view from my window. 
I think I'm going to like it here.

 I'm so happy that I have already made some new buddies. 
The city is more fun to explore when you have people to do it with.

I have explored my neighborhood a bit after work and realized that I am in a dominantly Trinidadian neighborhood. You can even buy the "Caribbean Times" newspaper in the corner shops to see how the island life is doing.
I also found the necessities, grocery store, hardware store, cheap nail salon- The works.

My new roommate (and close friend of 5 years) made it from London. Yay! 
We met one summer at a Leatherback Sea Turtle hatchery in Costa Rica, and have stayed close.
It is wonderful to spend time with her again in person- not just via Skype updates.
She started work the same day, so it will be nice to be a complete NEWB together.

The support from friends and family has been so great. 
Thank you guys for the texts, calls and flowers. 

Happy Easter!
and here is my song of the day!

We can make plans
I'll give all I can
You were my man 
On the gold coast sand.