Some time ago I got to go to an art show in San Antonio Texas. 
Allow me to introduce Ricardo Jaen.

Good homie, and boo thang.

Ricardo's work is influenced by cubist and surrealist movements. In this particular show, he elevated the viewers experience by using music and interactive elements. 

This is the youngest bro-ski in Ricky's family of 7 kids.
(Don't you just wanna pinch his cheeks??)

The event was located at High Wire Arts in San Antonio and they projected images of Ricardo's work on the roof for passerby's to observe.

I think my favorite part of the show (beside the art) was seeing all different types of people come through and admire his hard work in different ways.  

There was such a variety of accolades.

Good job Ricardo.  

It was a successful show, 
we are all impressed and proud of you.
Ya' killed it.