Ai Wei Wei Exhibit

This week I went to the Brooklyn Museum to see the Ai Wei Wei exhibit. 
It was very well done. 

Ai Wei Wei is a contemporary Chinese artist that is brilliant at doing installations, photography, film, and has been very active in social, political and cultural critical movements. 

 He has been highly and openly critical of the Chinese Government, which has led to government arrests and harassment on many occasions. 

Once he was arrested in a Beijing Airport and held for 81 days without any official charges being filed. 
His exhibit was full of experiences Chinese people were going through that violated human rights.

Each installation had a very intense story about what is happening in modern day China.
The bars are from the wreckage of a school that killed thousands of children because of improper material and lack of civil engineering laws. Instead of being open about the tragedy the government tried to it cover up.  

He also had an installation with children's backpacks representing each student that was killed.

I encourage everyone to learn about his work and see it if you ever get the chance.