According to my Iphone, It's Spring.

The trees are starting to change outside of my window. I'm so happy to see flowers
being planted in the park and people coming outside of their apartment caves. It sounds like I missed a terrible winter season in New York. 

This is the same view from my bedroom window as before, 
but notice how the tree has changed. Spring is trying so hard to make it's debut. 

The park near my house has beautiful blossoms, sometimes when the wind picks up they
fall of the trees and it looks like it is snowing pink petals. 
 I dig, I dig.

Other than work, I have been venturing out to experience this new city. 
Luckily I have my roommate and a good pal from Texas to run-a-muk with. 

We have decided that once a week we are going to get together and write poetry for strangers.
The rules are:
Write the poem as honestly as possible.
Then hand it off in the subway, on the street or at a public place.
I will keep ya posted on how this lil game goes. 

Life is busier than ever- but I'm learning a lot. 
So, I can't complain! I'm happy to be here.