Belmont Stakes

I went to Belmont Stakes this weekend. 
It's a race- for those of you (like me) that didn't know.
Everything I know about racing is what I learned from the cartoon "All Dogs Go to Heaven". 

I did a little bit of research before heading to the track and realized that this year was a particularly big year because there was a horse called California Chrome that was picked to win a Triple Crown. What is a triple crown? Well according to the internet: 

tri·ple crown
  1. 1.
    an award or honor for winning a group of three important events in a sport, in particular victory by one horse in the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness, and the Belmont Stakes.

So pretty much this horse was a BOSS and had success in two of the three big races. If it won the last one it would get this magic Triple Crown. I went with a bit of a smirk on my face- thinking how funny it is that people attended these types of events. However once I got there and saw how many people were just crazy about this event I was baptized over. 

There were the most die hard California Crown fans with face paint and signs. I guess this horse wears a nose strip to help him breath while racing and you could see the die hards right away as they too were sporting the nose strip in support of this horse.
Of course I also payed mind to the fashion at the event. It was... not really my steeze.
A lot of pastel dresses, pearls and heels with large hats for women.
For the men it was a classic cut sport coat, polos and khakis. 
(It came across a bit like stale old ladies and frat boy heaven)
But I can dig a old tradition. 

So spoiler alert if you haven't heard yet but....
in the end good ol' California Chrome didn't win. 
I'm not really a good person to explain why or how that happened I just was there to see  A LOT of people mad that they lost money in bets.

I didn't get to see a Triple Crown but I do think that horse races are a fun cultural event and something everyone should hit up at least one time in their life.

peace greasey monkeys.