Happy Wednesday

Everyone should remember the 90's. Period. 

What about the 90's?

Let's start with this little gold nugget: Baz Lurhmann's version of Romeo and Juliet. 

After seeing it one time, the soundtrack was stuck on repeat for years. (aprox 1995-1998) Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio made my 5th grade face melt off from the hot heat of their love. To be honest, this was the first time I took serious notes from Hollywood heartthrobs. I remember watching the VHS tape over and over studying ways to be more like Juliet, because maybe- just maybe I would meet Leo one day while looking through a fish tank he would be swept off his feet by my rehearsed perfection. 
I learned valuable things like: have soft big eyes, wear my hair half up, buy giant angel wings.. check, check and check. 
From this movie, a crush was born that was unlike any crush you have the rest of your life... It was my first infatuation.

((don't even get me started on Titanic)) 

Last week while meeting a friend outside of NBC Studios for lunch in New York City I had the moment I had been waiting for. I saw and made this kind of eye contact with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Leo Dicaprio romeo

..but he looked a tad different than I remembered him.
My perfect Romeo had bags under his bloodshot eyes and a low brimmed baseball cap. He looked tired, kinda like he had been partying pretty hard. While still old man handsome, I can't say my Juliet game was on point. My hair was tied in a tight bun and I was in a pencil skirt and flats with "work blows" written on my forehead. (In my defense I didn't have angel wings OR a fish tank to look through.)

Still not satisfied with accomplishing my dream I will just live on and say... until next time Leo. Until next time. You will always be my 90's infatuation.