Photos as of late.

My new ring obsessions from my Grandmother.

New York sunset.

This summer I've been enjoying my mowgli hair.

This is William in China town.
 He is one of my best friends and just left NYC for Cambridge Massachusetts.

When my clients are on major broadcast channels I am responsible they don't blow the interview.
This week I went to CNBC to put Popeyes on Mad Money with Jim Cramer and talk about their stocks. I never knew how important product placement is until this job, people take it very seriously- "food stylist" has been added to my resume.

Here is me on the Brooklyn Bridge like a tourist. 

This is my friend Lindsey. 
We geek out over foreign policy because she works at the UN Plaza in energy.

This is the view from one of my favorite spots in Brooklyn.

Peace, love and street art.