Southampton Beach

Last weekend I was invited to the Hamptons. Now, for those of you who don't know where they are or what they mean- welcome to the club. I had no idea what that meant until I started telling other friends my weekend plans and saw their reactions. It was always an eyebrow raise and soft head nod as they said "oooh the Hamptons" then some awkward silence that was waiting for an explanation. I guess it is the place that rich homies in NYC buy summer homes because it is close to the city and has access to the beach. Just imagine it like this: Everyone wears boat shoes and pastel polo shirts. Parents leave their kids at sailing lessons and chill on their yacht with a Daiquiri in hand. 

But I mean, I'm from the Rockies, I don't need no stinkin' Hamptons.

So, now we all know what they are- let me start again... Last weekend I was invited to the Hamptons. eh? eh? ha. I jest. But to be honest I didn't really mingle with those high class Montauk folks and had to use spell check to spell the word "yacht". 

I went with Kyle and a group his buddies from Wisconsin/Chicago that had all been best friends from high school and college. I befriended Kyle in Brooklyn and was a tad nervous to be with such a tight knit group but they welcomed be with open arms and beers in both hands. (Those midwesterners LOVE to knock it back and talk about the Packers) It was wonderful. We grilled a lot of food, tried to catch crabs off the dock, took the canoes out for a spin in the deep blue bay and lounged like beached whales stranded on the sand. 

I haven't actually felt so Zen in a long time. Living in this cramped and crowded city you aren't always aware of how uptight you are wound. The input of honking horns, herds of tourists, crowded subways and tight sidewalks can feel like you have been using a jackhammer to crack cement and protect yourself for months on end. Yeah that analogy didn't really work- but I'm going to leave it in there because I think you know what I mean. Living here is luda. (Mom, Luda is short for ludicrous) 

Cheers to new friends from the midwest and catching hermit crabs- who also might be my new NYC spirit animal as I borough away and try to stay alive amongst the madness.