Once upon a time I met a girl at a coffee shop in Galveston, Texas.
I was returning home from living in Spain and had only been back to the USA for two days. I was kind of uneasy about the move because I wasn't sure if I would find people that were like me...

It started as a lil' chit chat about her cute boots, then to living in Texas and before we knew it- we were 30 minutes into a freakishly similar dialogue.
We thought it was important to be fashionable and nerdy, we both lived in Spain, we both were dating foreign boys, we both liked traveling, photography, tacos.. the list goes on and on..

Since that initial conversation we have gotten to be very good friends.
A lot of the time when we are together I feel like I have met my long lost Persian twin.

She came to visit me in NY last weekend.

She recently finished medical school in Galveston and is starting her residency in Chicago. We are kind of going through the new city transplant feelings together so it was really nice to chill and take a breather.. We didn't have to be spending a lot of energy getting to know each other or hyper touristy- we just kicked back and hung out.

 I admire Shelia because she works her tail off but doesn't let all the hours studying warp the way she sees the world. She still goes to shows, likes art and finds time for yoga.

Thanks for coming Shelia, counting down the days until we get to hang again. Maybe next time in Chicago?