Cambridge, Massachusetts

A few weekends back I went to visit my very good friend William.

Who used to be my neighbor in Austin. 
This photo describes Austin rather well.

I first met him when I was headed to meet up with some friends- at a show that he was playing in with his band. 
It was a tad strange because I was playing the Merkley card a bit heavy and came SO late that I missed the entire set. Heh... oops. 
Luckily I got to the bar just in time for the socializing after the show and we bumped into each other. We instantly started chatting about traveling, Spanish, Rocky Mountains and all sorts of life plans.

We then became buddies and had lots of fun under that Lonestar sun.

This is at Free Press Summer Fest a music festival in Texas.

Almost a year later he moved to NYC for work
and lo and behold I followed suite 6 months after.
(Still trying to convince him I'm not a stalker)

It was nice having someone to show me the ropes when arriving to New York.
We spent many a lunch break eating at Bryant Park and trying Green Tea Sesame Seed ice cream in China Town.

In August he moved to Cambridge to study so I decided to plan a trip to Boston.

While I love the idea of an endless summer, it feels so nice to bundle up and take a stroll through incredible orange and yellow falling leaves this year. Especially in a place like Massachusetts.

 We ate ungodly amounts of Chinese food, saw lots of art and explored an interesting map exhibit at
the library in downtown Boston.

It was fun to see Harvard's campus and learn about what is daily life is like. He is a very busy kid. 

Cheers to keeping good friends close even when they move away. 
I'm so proud of ya Willy Cakes.
Keep up the good work.
Besos Fuertes